Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster recovery is the area of security and planning that deals with the protection of a business or organization from the effects of significant negative effects. Cloud Disaster Recovery is a set of policies and procedures that gives companies the ability of recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a man-made or natural disaster. Cloud disaster recovery focuses on the IT, hardware and applications supporting critical business functions.

Why Cloud DR?

  • Full server Real-time replication and protection
  • Application level or full server failover options
  • Hardware and application independence
  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Email event notification
  • Disaster Recovery Managed Services
  • Geographically diverse from natural disasters
  • No CAPEX investment required
  • Only pay for full configuration for period activated
  • Pre-configured failover IT environment


Click image to expand. Via Rapidscale, What, When, Why on Cloud Disaster Recovery.

What, When, Why CDR?